"Get an attackers view of your organization with our all-in-one Attack Surface Management platform."

Our Name

Sn1per is pronounced “sniper” and was named for its “point-and-shoot” solution. The “1” in Sn1per was a nod to early hacker culture.

Our Story

Sn1per Community Edition was created in 2014 to automate reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning; it was one of the first tools of its kind.
Sn1per has continued to lead the way by providing a simple, yet powerful offensive security tool. The tool has become a crowd favorite among ethical hackers and security professionals alike.

Fast forward 7 years later and Sn1per has evolved into a full fledged company (Sn1perSecurity LLC) with several commercial offerings.
Our commitment to providing excellent customer service, easy-to-use products and cutting edge innovation has helped set our products and services apart from the competition.
Our mission is to become the leader in Attack Surface Management, by providing simple yet powerful solutions to individuals and businesses alike.