Use Cases

Whether you’re looking to conduct simple reconnaissance or identify vulnerabilities in systems and applications, Sn1per offers the capabilities you need in one place.

Attack Surface Management

Discover the attack surface and prioritize risk with our continuous Attack Surface Management platform.

Automated OSINT & Reconnaissance

Automate the collection of open source intelligence data using our integrations with 3rd party API’s, frameworks and automated workflows to get the data you need.

Penetration Testing

Save time by automating the execution of the best open source and commercial security tools to discover and exploit vulnerabilities automatically.

Automated Red Team Simulation

Simulate real world attackers with our automated attack platform in order to strengthen “blue team” response and defensive controls.

Vulnerability & Risk Management

Integrate with the leading commercial and open source vulnerability scanners to scan for the latest vulnerabilities and prioritize risk with our aggregated vulnerability reports.

Dynamic Application Security Testing

Scan your web applications for vulnerabilities and aggregate data from multiple open source and commercial security scanners into our centralized reporting interface.

Threat Intelligence

Stay up-to-date with the latest emerging security threats, vulnerabilities, data breaches and exploit releases.

Bug Bounty Automation

Get the tools you need to manage large attack surfaces and gain the edge over the competition.