Sn1per Community vs. Professional – What’s The Difference?

We recently received some questions regarding differences between Sn1per “Community” and “Professional“, so we thought we would cover this in a detailed post. Whether you’re an independent security researcher or a multi-billion dollar company looking to purchase Sn1per Professional, we hope this blog post will guide you to make the best decision based on your needs and budget.  There are many advantages of using our “Professional” version over our “Community” edition, but this blog post will cover the most significant items.



Cyber Monday Sale

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Sn1per Professional Nessus Add-on

Sn1per Professional Nessus Add-on Update!

In case you missed it, we recently added support for Nessus v10.x in Sn1per Professional (version 1.0 of our Nessus Add-on only supported Nessus v8.8.x integration). Our new Nessus v2.0 Add-on lets customers scan for the latest vulnerabilities using Nessus version 10.x and download detailed vulnerability reports in HTML and CSV format with Sn1per Professional. We also added the ability to select different Nessus scan profiles when configuring the scans via Sn1per to provide greater customization. Be sure to check out the full blog post for more details.


Sn1per Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale!

Get our best deal of the year on our best selling bundle! The NEW and improved Elite Bundle now includes the MassPwn Add-on as well as our newly updated Nessus v2.0 Add-on for a 15% discount or $132 SAVINGS total when you purchase!


Automate Dynamic Web Application Scans (DAST) Using Sn1per Professional

Automate Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Using Sn1per

In this blog post, I will outline the steps needed in order to automate Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) using Sn1per Professional. For those unfamiliar with DAST, it is the process of analyzing dynamic web content in order to find vulnerabilities. There are several tools on the market to accomplish this, but we’ll focus on the top tools used by Sn1per Professional in this blog post.