MassPwn Add-on v1.0 Documentation

Leverage the full power of Metasploit with the new “MassPwn Add-on” for Sn1per Professional v9.0.


  • Simple GUI for Metasploit to set common options and settings
  • Import all vulnerability scan data into Sn1per Professional automatically
  • Launch single or multiple Metasploit modules and exploits in-line
  • Launch auxiliary scans and exploits against single or multiple pre-defined target lists
  • Automate exploitation of vulnerable services
  • Update Sn1per workspace and host details with the latest Metasploit scan data
  • Reporting of all console output via the Command Execution Add-on


This add-on requires a Sn1per Professional v9.0 license along with the following add-ons and components:


To install this addon, extract all PHP and TXT files to the following location:


To access the MassPwn Add-on, do the following:

  1. Reload the Sn1per web interface (ie. https://YOUR_IP_HERE:1337)
  2. Click on any workspace from the Workspace Navigator
  3. Scroll down and click “MassPwn” menu to access the MassPwn Add-on

To add username and password wordlists, create the following directory and copy all wordlists into the appropriate directories:


* NOTE: The MassPwn Add-on displays many verbose errors and uses many defauly Metasploit options that do not always apply to every module. As a result, you may see many messages, such as:

[-] Unknown variable
[-] Unknown command: run.

These messages are normal and can be ignored. Professional e-mail support will only be provided for issues with the add-on code itself. Issues within Metasploit will not be supported.


Coming soon!

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