Port Scanner Add-on

Leverage the full power of NMap with the new “Port Scanner Add-on” for Sn1per Professional.


System Requirements: This add-on requires Sn1per Professional v9.0 or greater with the Command Execution Add-on and Sn1per Community Edition v8.9 or newer. Please click here for additional system requirements.

Support Term: 7 days from purchase, only the specified Kali Linux and Docker installations/troubleshooting are supported under our customer service agreement.

Refunds: Due to the nature of software we do not provide refunds on digital products.

Users: 1

License Model: Per version. For further details, click here.


  • Easy to use GUI for NMap to select common scan profiles, scripts and additional options
  • Single target selection (IP/hostname/domain), dashed IP format ( or subnet CIDR (
  • Multi-target list selection (ie. Live web hosts, live hosts, all targets, etc.)
  • 40+ preset NMap scan profiles (ie. Top port profiles, levels of intrusiveness, service scans, OS detection + more!)
  • NMap script selection drop-down menu
  • Automatic text and HTML report generation from all scans
  • Update Sn1per workspace and host details with the latest NMap scan data
  • Reporting of all console output via the Command Execution Add-on



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