Workspace Navigator Documentation


The Workspace Navigator is the initial screen displayed when accessing the Sn1per Professional web UI (ie. which lists all workspaces within Sn1per. This provides high level stats on each workspace and allows easy sorting, filtering and viewing of each workspace. To view the Workspace Report for a specific workspace, click on the workspace name that you would like to view.


Sn1per Professional has two views which can be changed using the top left sidebar icons or the “View” menu.

  1. Split View (Default) splits the screen in half to allow for easier navigation and viewing on wider screens (ie. 4k resolution and up).
  2. Single Window view allows for viewing and navigation via a single window. This option is ideal for smaller resolutions (ie. less than 4k resolution).

Workspace Table

The workspace table (seen below) lists all available workspaces, disk usage, total hosts and host changes, scan totals, notification totals, risk score, date last scanned.

The “Actions” column from left to right contains links to download the host inventory CSV report, all domains TXT list and notifications. The “x” icon can be used to delete the entire workspace.

You can filter and search for the workspace you want by entering your search in the “Search” box in the top right.

Updates Panel

Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from XeroSecurity by clicking the “Updates” panel from the Workspace Navigator.

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