Sn1per SE Update

Sn1per Scan Engine v10.5 Released!

Sn1per SE (Scan Engine) v10.5 is now available with a ton of new features and improvements. This update is part of the Sn1per SE development branch which is available to Sn1per Professional v10.0 and Sn1per Enterprise customers. If you are a previous customer (ie. Sn1per Professional v9.0 or less) or if you use the Community Edition available on Github, you will need to purchase a Sn1per Professional v10.0 license to download and receive updates.

New Vulnerability Detections

* v10.5 – Added port 25 SMTP Metasploit auxiliary modules
* v10.5 – Added HTTP open proxy check Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added SSRF via HTTP open proxy check Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added Citrix Gateway detection sc0pe template
* v10.5 – Added Fortinet SSL VPN Portal detection sc0pe template
* v10.5 – Added Insecure Transmission of Credentials via HTTP sc0pe template
* v10.5 – Added Cisco IOS web UI detection Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added CVE-2023-20198_IOC Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added CVE-2023-22515 Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added CVE-2023-22518 Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added Gitlab CI Sensitive Data Disclosure Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added interesting data in static files Nuclei template
* v10.5 – Added Public S3 Bucket detection sc0pe template
* v10.5 – Added SSL/TLS Ciphers enabled sc0pe template

Sn1per Enterprise Vulnerability Report

Sn1per Enterprise Vulnerability Report

New Features

* v10.5 – Added BeVigil sub-domain and endpoint retrieval
* v10.5 – Added virtual host checking via recon mode
* v10.5 – Added cloud_enum tool to enumerate cloud assets owned by organization
* v10.5 – Added plugin/template automatic update script
* v10.5 – Added CISA known exploits CSV to update script
* v10.5 – Added USER_AGENT setting to all confs to set the web based user-agent used
* v10.5 – Added NUCLEI_ALL_SUBS_VULNERABILITY_SCAN setting to recon mode to run Nuclei against all discovered sub-domains
* v10.5 – Added NUCLEI_CLOUD_SCAN setting to recon mode to run Nuclei against all discovered sub-domains
* v10.5 – Improved Nuclei takeover scans by including web based detection templates
* v10.5 – Added SQLMap automated SQL injection scans for all dynamic parameters and URL’s
* v10.5 – Updated web-brute-common.txt wordlist to remove F+ results and improve results

Sn1per Web Bruteforce

Sn1per Web Brute Force

Configuration Template Updates


New Tools

* v10.5 – Added Katana web spider
* v10.5 – Added cloud_enum tool
* v10.5 – Added SQLMap to web scans

Sn1per SE SQLMap

Sn1per SE SQLMap


* v10.5 – Fixed issue with SCAN_ALL_DISCOVERED_MODE not being set preventing automated scans from occuring
* v10.5 – Fixed issue with HudsonRock API retreival via OSINT mode

Update Instructions

To update to Sn1per v10.4, customers can run the ‘sniper -u‘ command from the command line or use the ‘Update‘ function from the Command Execution module.

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