Sn1per Enterprise v20231025 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Sn1per Enterprise v20231025, packed with a multitude of new features and improvements exclusively for our Sn1per Enterprise customers. This blog post will provide a comprehensive overview of these latest additions. If you haven’t joined the Sn1per Enterprise community yet, feel free to request a quote or free trial to explore the benefits of this enhanced offering.

Fuzzer Updates

In the latest update to our Fuzzer module, we’ve introduced a range of powerful features that enhance your web security testing capabilities. These include dynamic search for URL file lists and the integration of Nuclei’s custom and automatic scan options. Additionally, our Fuzzer module now boasts basic authentication brute force functionality, the ability to test for CVE-2023-44487 HTTP2 DDoS, and an HTTP Smuggler option to test single and multi-targets for HTTP smuggling vulnerabilities. These new additions make it easier than ever to identify and mitigate potential security risks in your web applications.

Sn1per Enterprise Dynamic Nuclei Search

Sn1per Enterprise Dynamic Nuclei Search

Threat Intel Updates

Our latest update brings an invaluable resource to our security toolkit with the addition of the CISA known exploited vulnerabilities filter table. This feature empowers users to stay ahead of potential threats by easily identifying vulnerabilities that have been exploited. Moreover, the integration of the CISA known exploited vulnerabilities RSS feed and dynamic search further enhances the efficiency of threat detection, ensuring that you can respond promptly to emerging security risks and protect your systems effectively.


Sn1per Enterprise CISA Threat Intel

Configuration Editor Updates

In our latest software update, we’ve significantly improved the user experience with enhanced features in our configuration editor. Users can now enjoy updated visual switch display options for better customization and an even more intuitive configuration process. We’ve also introduced BeVigil configuration options, making it easier to tailor settings to your specific needs. Moreover, the dynamic updates in the configuration editor ensure that you can modify configuration templates without worrying about compromising the original formatting, providing both flexibility and convenience in managing your configurations.

Sn1per Enterprise Configuration Editor

Sn1per Enterprise Configuration Editor


    • Fuzzer Updates
      • Added dynamic search for URL file lists to Fuzzer module
      • Added Nuclei custom/dynamic search option to Fuzzer module
      • Added Nuclei automatic scan option to Fuzzer module
      • Added Basic Auth brute force option to Fuzzer module
      • Added CVE-2023-44487 HTTP2 DDoS option to Fuzzer module
      • Added HTTP Smuggler option to fuzzer module
    • Threat Intel Updates
      • Added CISA known exploited vulnerabilities filter table
      • Added CISA known exploited vulnerabilities RSS feed
      • Added CISA known exploited vulnerabilities dynamic search
    • Configuration Editor Updates
      • Updated visual switch display options to configuration editor
      • Updated/added BeVigil configuraion options to configuration editor
      • Added dynamic updates to configuration editor to allow modification of configuration templates without compromising original formatting
    • Misc UI Updates
      • Added option for custom target lists in port scanner module
      • Added VHosts section to OSINT panel to view all virtual hosts
      • Added cosmetic sidebar viewing improvements to maximize visibility
      • Added hyperlink to import target from host list table into Fuzzer module automatically
      • Re-ordered search panel filters

To learn more about Sn1per Enterprise and its latest features, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information. You can also request a quote or explore additional details by visiting our online shop.

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