Sn1per Modules

Create customized workflows and enhance testing capabilities with our integrated add-on modules.

Sn1per Professional Command Execution Add-on

Command Execution Module

Easily manage Sn1per Professional instances from the web interface without ever touching the command line.
Sn1per Professional MassPwn Add-on

MassPwn Module

Pop shells and import vulnerability scan data from Metasploit.
Sn1per Professional Nessus Add-on

Nessus Module

Scan for the latest vulnerabilities using Nessus and download detailed vulnerability reports.
Sn1per Professional Fuzzer Add-on

Fuzzer Module

Fuzz for OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities and discover hidden content easily.
Sn1per Professional Brute Force Add-on

Brute Force Module

Check for default and weak credentials across all hosts in your workspace instantly.
Sn1per Professional Port Scanner Add-on

Port Scanner Module

Leverage the full power of NMap with our integrated GUI front-end.

Threat Intel Module

Stay up-to-date with the latest emerging security threats, vulnerabilities, data breaches and exploit releases.

ReverseAPK Module

Reverse engineer Android applications in seconds to uncover hidden secrets and vulnerabilities.