Attack Surface Management

Discover hidden assets and vulnerabilities in your environment

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The ultimate pentesting toolkit.

Integrate with the leading commercial and open source security scanners to check for the latest CVEs and vulnerabilities in your environment.

Automate the most powerful tools.

Security tools are expensive and time-consuming, but with Sn1per, you can save time by automating the execution of these open source and commercial tools to discover vulnerabilities across your entire attack surface.

Find what you can’t see.

Hacking is a problem that’s only getting worse. But, with Sn1per, you can find what you can’t see—hidden assets and vulnerabilities in your environment.

Discover and prioritize risks in your organization.

Sn1per is a next-generation information gathering tool that provides automated, deep, and continuous security for organizations of all sizes.


Explore the features of our platform.

Quick Installation

Get up and running with our platform in minutes with our quick and easy one-line installation script.

Notifications & Changes

Receive notifications for changes in your environment, such as: new domains, new URLs, port changes and more.

Full Attack Surface Coverage

Discover both internal (on-prem) and external (cloud/hybrid) attack vectors for full asset visibility and vulnerability coverage.

Vulnerability Scanning

Scan for the latest CVE's and vulnerabilities using the latest open source and commercial vulnerability scanners.

Attack Surface Reports

Export your entire attack surface inventory (ie. sub-domains, DNS, open ports, HTTP headers, risk score, etc.) to CSV, XLS or PDF format.

Vulnerability Reports

Export vulnerability reports in CSV, XLS or PDF format for your entire attack surface.

Continuous Scan Coverage

Schedule scans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to identify changes in your attack surface and remediate new vulnerabilities as they appear.

IT Asset Inventory

Build a centralized repository of your company's assets that can be easily searched, sorted and filtered to provide full visibility into your attack surface.


Aggregate data from the leading security tools, API's and 3rd party services into our centralized reporting interface.


Create customized workflows and enhance testing capabilities with our integrated add-on modules.


Choose the right solution for you

1 Year Subscription
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On-Prem (Self Hosted)
Max Targets Per Workspace: 50
Max Workspaces: 5
Total Assets: 250
Licensed Systems: 1
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1 Year Subscription
Email Support
On-Prem (Self Hosted)
Max Targets Per Workspace: 250
Max Workspaces: 25
Total Assets: 6,250
Licensed Systems: 1
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1 Year Subscription
Email Support
On-Prem (Self Hosted)
Max Targets Per Workspace: 500+
Max Workspaces: 50+
Total Assets: 25,000+
Licensed Systems: 1
Infinite Scalability
Premium Web Interface
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