Automate Your Security Workflow with Sn1per

5 Ways Sn1per Can Automate Your Security Workflow

If you’re in the security field, you know that there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. It can be tough to stay on top of everything, and even tougher to find the time to do it all manually. That’s where Sn1per comes in – it’s a tool that helps automate various aspects of your workflow so you can focus on other things. In this blog post, we’ll show you 5 ways Sn1per can help you save time in the process.

Continuous Internal & External Attack Surface Management (IASM/EASM)

One of the most time-consuming aspects of security work is keeping track of your attack surface. This involves constantly monitoring your systems for any new vulnerabilities or changes that could potentially open up new attack vectors. Sn1per can help by automatically scanning your systems and keeping track of changes for you. This way, you can quickly identify any potential new risks and take steps to mitigate them before they become a problem. For more info, check out our blog post: External Attack Surface Management with Sn1per.

Automated Penetration Testing

In addition to helping you keep track of your attack surface, Sn1per can also automate penetration testing. This means that you can quickly and easily assess the security of your systems without having to manually run tests or analyze results. Sn1per will do all of the work for you, so you can focus on other tasks.

Vulnerability and Risk Management

Sn1per is a comprehensive automated scanner that can be used to identify vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in systems and networks. It does this by integrating with Nessus and OpenVAS vulnerability scanners to provide a streamlined workflow for vulnerability management. It can automatically scan systems for vulnerabilities, identify vulnerable systems, and recommend remediation actions. Sn1per also includes a built-in exploit database that can be used to exploit vulnerable systems.

Automated Red Team Simulation

Red team simulations are an important part of any security assessment. They help you identify gaps in your defenses and test your response plans. However, they can be time-consuming to set up and run. Sn1per can help by automatically creating realistic scenarios and running them against your systems. This way, you can be sure that your defenses are up to the task when a real attack happens.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Application security is another important aspect of security work. You need to make sure that any applications you develop are secure before they’re deployed. Sn1per can help by automatically testing your applications for vulnerabilities. This way, you can be sure that they’re as secure as possible before they’re used in production environments. For more info, check out our blog post: Automate Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) Using Sn1per.

Bug Bounty Automation

Bug bounties are a great way to crowdsource security testing. However, they can be time-consuming to manage if done manually. Sn1per can help by automatically managing bounty programs for you. This includes sending out invitations, tracking submissions, and handling payments. This way, you can focus on other things while still getting the benefits of a bug bounty program. For more info, check out our blog post: Passive Reconnaissance Techniques For Penetration Testing.


Sn1per is a great tool that can help automate various aspects of your security workflow. By using Sn1per, you can save time on tasks like attack surface management, penetration testing, red team simulations, dynamic application security testing, and bug bounty management. So if you’re looking for a way to streamline your security workflow, Sn1per is definitely worth checking out! Head over to our shop to get your copy today!

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